There are more than 500 varieties at our nursery. We mainly grow botanical daffodils and tulips and some of these special flower bulbs are already hundreds of years old. Henk Meeuwissen, Hein’s father, bought his first kind of daffodil in 1955: Actaea. Now the assortment of daffodils has expanded to 300 different species. The tulips cannot be left out either: mainly game tulips are a favourite here.

The company is located at the Loosterweg in Voorhout, the heart of the flower bulb region. Since we took over Rita van der Zalm’s mail order company in 2009, we are not only on the spring and autumn markets in Keukenhof in Lisse. We can also be found at flower bulb markets throughout the country. We are also visited abroad: Sampigny (France) and Hoegaarden (Belgium) have already become acquainted with our wide assortment. In addition, the mail order company offers us the opportunity to sell our flower bulbs to private customers using our spring and autumn catalogue or our webshop.

Hein Meeuwissen is a flower bulb grower with passion. His penchant for miniatures is reflected in the special range on offer. Together with Corrine, his wife, he is working on the company all year round.  The large assortment is still expanded every year or changes with other varieties. The flower bulb fields of Meeuwissen are therefore a colourful patchwork due to the composition of the various special species, instead of the vast fields of one colour. A selection of our range is shown at the Keukenhof from the end of March to mid-May.

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(30 cm height)
white pink

Hanging bells in a screen. Flowering time in June. Not a bulb but a leek with narrow leaves that do not die. Allium cernuum self-sowing but does not proliferate.

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‘Ruby Red’


(100 cm high)

This hybrid of the South African G. Papilio is often found in English gardens. It grows like a wild plant with stolons and flowers dark red with round flowers at the end of the summer.

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‘Bishop of Oxford’


(90 cm high)

Single copper-orange flowers on dark leaves. Nice to combine with Crocosmia ‘Prince of Orange’ and Belamcamda ‘Freckle Face’.

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(80 cm high)

This is a hybrid of a large gladiolus and Gladiolus tristis. Hence the orchid-like flowers. The beautiful burgundy flowers have three fine stripes.

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cernuum ‘Album’


(80 cm height)

Leek. White-flowering form of Allium cernuum with pendulous umbels. Easy grower in a not too dry place, completely winter hardy. Blooms from May-September.

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‘Monte Negro’

(100 cm high)

A scarlet dahlia with straight dark stems. Good cut.

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(100 cm high)

Green-leaved. Very soft pink flowers with small darker pink dots. Canna’s can be used in the border but also well in (large) pots and containers. They thrive best on richer, permeable soil which should not dry out, they can be fertilized throughout the summer. In the winter months the pot has to go inside.

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Let ranunculus, like anemones, soak a night before planting. Then press the arachnid tubers into the ground so that the nose is just under the ground. Do not let them dry out, they like to stand in a humid place in the warmth of the full sun. Also good to use as cut flower.

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