More than 500 varieties can be found at our nursery. We grow mainly botanical daffodils and tulips and some of these special bulbs are hundreds of years old. Henk Meeuwissen, Hein’s father, bought his first variety of daffodils in 1955: ‘Actaea’. Now the range of Daffodils has expanded to 300 different varieties. Tulips cannot be missed either: mainly wild tulips are a favourite here.

The company is located at the Loosterweg in Voorhout, the heart of the flower bulb region. Since we took over Rita van der Zalm’s mail-order company in 2009, we are not only at the spring and autumn markets at Keukenhof in Lisse. We can also be found at flower bulb markets throughout the country. We also visit foreign countries: Sampigny (France) and Hoegaarden (Belgium) have already been introduced to our wide range. In addition, mail order offers us the opportunity to sell our flower bulbs to private customers using our spring and autumn catalogue or our webshop.

As a grower of unusual tulips, daffodils and other flower bulbs, we try to offer as much diversity as possible. That also means growing (less profitable) unique bulbous plants or cultivars that are in danger of being lost due to scaling up.

We grow our flower bulbs sustainably on the small acreage at our disposal. The more than usual manual work at a flower bulb nursery is, year after year, a challenge for our fine team of employees.

With an eye and ear for nature, Hein Meeuwissen walks his land every day. When the flowers are not yet blooming, he already knows exactly which birds are likely to be nesting among the bulbs and at the water’s edge soon.

Hein Meeuwissen is a bulb grower with passion. His love for miniatures is reflected in the special offerings. Together with Corrine, his wife, he runs the business all year round. The large assortment is still expanded or changed with other varieties every year.

Meeuwissen’s flower bulb fields are therefore a colourful patchwork quilt due to the composition of the various special varieties, rather than the vast fields of a single colour. A selection of our range is displayed at Keukenhof from late March to mid-May.

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