Narcissus ‘Albus Plenus Odoratus’


(40 cm)

The double form of narcissus poeticus and described before 1861. These white fragrant double flowers are the last to bloom at the nursery every year. In some years, we still pick in June. They do like to be in a wet place because if they are too dry the flower dries out just before opening. Leave them fixed on the edge of the pond, for instance, in the shade is fine. This old well-known daffodil has quite a few synonyms: ‘Alba Plena Odorata’, ‘Albus Plenus Odoratus#’, ‘Double Border’, ‘Double Pheasant Eye’, ‘Double Poeticus’, ‘Flore pleno’, ‘Gardenia’, ‘Patellaris Pleno Albo Cum Croceo’, ‘Plenus (poeticus)’, ‘Poeticus ‘Flore Pleno”, ‘Poeticus ‘Plenus”, ‘The Large Gardenia Flowered Double White Daffodil’.

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